5 Tips For Project Management

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Project management has, with the passage of time become more essential and complicated. Many companies understand the significance of project management hence they put major emphasis on it. The human resource team carefully recruits project managers as they realise the sensitivity of the task and responsibilities that come under them.

Project management ensures inauguration, planning, execution, and closure of the project. To put it in other words it takes care of all steps affiliated to the project hence it is ultimately responsible for the outcomes that are later generated. Project management can make or break a firm. For efficient and effective project management, the following tips are certain to help:

1. Put time and effort in careful planning and recruiting: select the right project after careful benefit cost analysis. Opt for projects that give you highest returns in all aspects along with being compatible with your company's line of strategies. Make sure your definition of scope is clear and not too complicated for others to comprehend. Use WBS to recruit the right team: carefully define skill required along with the people who posses them. Recruit experts after careful analysis and make sure you can work with them.

2. Incorporate the eight elements throughout the process: cover the important aspects of scope, quality, time and cost, risk, human resources, resources, communication and integration. Most of the above elements need to be predetermined in order to make a careful plan and for successful execution of the project.

3. Ensure that the project is on track. Life cycles are a major help when one intends to keep track and maintain records oh how the project is actually doing. You can always put gates at different levels of the life cycle for example after launch, planning, execution and when follow up is required. Cancel the project if you believe it will not be able to deliver value.

4. Ask for feedback from team and focus on quality and scope: feedback is essential; it shows you the reflection that the future is most likely to have. Keep on informing the workers about the deadlines and ensure they are on schedule. Risk and change will often attack but the project manager should be able to counter them. There should be no compromises on quality and scope. The standards should be met as set in the planning stage. Losing sight of scope will lead to problems only. Hence, it is important to ensure these things are not forgotten. The team might require frequent pushes if they are to meet the targets set. However, don't forget to appreciate them else they will be a bunch of angry and de-motivated people, which will only result in lack of efficiency.

5. Emphasise on follow through: meet your client's expectations and delight them. Learn from success and error so that you can do a better job later in future.

These are the tips that one should follow in order to carry out project management in a way that highest returns are received along with deadlines being met.

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5 Tips For Project Management

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This article was published on 2010/03/30