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Why choose Agile project management training? Anyone with a background in project management will know that one of its greatest challenges is implementing change efficiently. At the heart of the intuitive approach largely considered traditional to the project management world is the necessity to fully understand the reasoning behind change before taking steps.
However, an effective business is one which can adapt to its environment; and sometimes it is necessary to adapt fast. This philosophy is at the centre of Agile project management. If your competitors come out with game-changing new products or services, change the way they do business, or pip you at the post, it's essential to step up fast. Agile training could be the difference between getting ahead and falling behind. 
The Agile project management system is a leaner, more efficient way of implementing those crucial changes before you fall behind. By enrolling on an Agile training course today, you or a member of your team could be making the most of an award-winning method to get ahead of the game and stay there. So if there's a high-priority initiative in the works, for a more structured approach to project management, sign up today for APM training with us.
Recession-proofing your small business
It's a hard market out there for today's small business, with the economy declining steadily and the failure rate for start-ups at an all-time high. One in three stock-based retail start-ups fails within the first year, which means now's the time to think differently with Agile project management.
The key to staying afloat in this market is being able to respond rapidly to change. That's where our Agile training comes in. Agile training is a uniquely affordable way to teach yourself and your team the skills it takes to weather the storm. If you're ready to build a truly adaptable business, choose APM. 
It doesn't matter what industry you're in; we've used APM training courses effectively to teach everyone, from entrepreneurs to IT startups to home-based family franchise businesses, how to stay relevant today and tomorrow. While Agile training is perfect for implementing big restructures or handling your first big contract, it's also a good way to start as you mean to go on. With regular review protocol at its heart and a solid business system, if you're new to project management and want to get ahead, choose Agile.
People-management with Agile
We're not the only company advocating Agile project management training for people managers dealing with big changes, such as rebrands, restructuring, or a radical change of direction. However, we are the only company which understands exactly how flexible and effective Agile training really is. Not only is it the perfect way to bring experienced managers up-to-date and put together a strong, structured priority list to smoothly coordinate a major reshuffle, it's also the perfect training course for anyone who manages people and would like to do so better. 
Why choose Agile project management? Because in any business, big or small, international or local, service or stock-based, communication is vital. Agile project management training is a good place to start when you're ready to communicate better; with clients, with customers, and most vitally of all, with your team. 
By teaching you to build a lean, efficient way of reviewing performance into your management style, Agile training facilitates effective communication. Not only does that help you get your point across, it is the perfect way to lead by example; a good communicator never has to micro-manage to get the best out of his or her team. Agile project management does the hard work for you.
Building trust with Agile training
One of the effects of the recession that they don't talk about much on the news or in the 'papers is the impact it has had on trust. With customers convinced that everyone from banks to small businesses is out to take them for every penny, and employees suspecting that their boss is just looking out for number one, the financial crisis has damaged working relationships more than we might realise. 
Trust in business is essential; consumer trust in your brand is what garners financial loyalty, and a trustworthy team is the number one asset for any manager. So for the first time ever we've begun to advocate Agile project management training not for efficiency or effective implementation of change- Agile training's big advantages- but for trust. 
Choosing Agile project management is the first step to putting together a trusted team of motivated employees who know their worth and are proud of their work. Agile project management training teaches you to set solid timescales, and clarify priorities, budgets and deadlines ahead of time. Agile training directly reduces the need for demoralising micro-management and empowers your team to make practical, transparent decisions that benefit everyone. So for trust, communication and motivation, choose Agile project management; the system works.
Start Agile
We understand it's necessary to cut corners here and there; but here's one corner you shouldn't be cutting. Many smaller companies think of dedicated training courses as an unnecessary expense in the current climate, preferring to have project managers learn as they go. However, there's never been a better time to choose Agile project management training than right from the word go; Agile training is the best way to start as you mean to go on, building a smart, flexible way of working into the core of your business. 
So how does it work? Agile project management is a system whose methodology revolves around change; in business, sometimes we need to adapt fast. As a start-up, choosing Agile training for you or your management team means choosing adaptability, putting efficiency in everything from timescales and budgets to data management and prioritisation at the heart of your business. 
An Agile training course not only shows you how to chase the best business benefit, following the money to ensure that when change has to happen in your industry, you come out on top. So whatever stage your business is at, choose wisely, and build effective, Agile project management into your future.
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Agile project management training: for change

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This article was published on 2012/03/22