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To manage project effectively is one of the most important aspect of a business. It entails having a proper grasp of the project phases and the determination of the chronology of the project activities. When a project is properly scoped with all the activities arranged in preceding order, the project manager will be in a good stand to estimate the project duration and cost.

To manage project the easy way, the firm will think of applying some simple principles which includes the following:
a. Employment/ utilization of the services of professional project management team
b. Utilization of project management software tools
c. Proper scoping of projects
d. Determination of the proper duration of the project activities
e. Estimation of the proper precedence activities to any activity in the project.
f. Proper management of input resources
g. Training of workforce for the project
h. Establishing and contracting out the activities in the project that will cause delay or that will be better handled by another professional firm.
i. Make room for contingencies and other uncertainties that may crop up in the cause of the project execution.
The list of the information necessary for the better project management is inexhaustible but the key to easy project management is the utilization of software tools. The software tool is the arch supporting project management because of the following reasons:
a. It makes determination of project duration easy
b. When there is a slack in the time needed for an activity, it will be easy to adjust the start and end time of other activities in the project
c. In case of delay/overlap in the activity duration/introduction of new activities, there will be an easy re-planning to forestall project delay.
d. With the utilization of software tools, there is always a limited error in the overall cost of project implementation because the degree of accuracy of calculating of input to the project is very high
e. Project planning and control can be done within short time duration
The beauty of any project execution is the ease of operation. To this end, project management can only be smooth, fast, efficient and cost effective if software tools are applied. It should be noted however, that if unseasoned professionals are utilized in the execution of project management software, the result may not be better than that got when the projects is managed without software.

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Easy Project Management

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This article was published on 2010/03/31