Maximising ROI from IT Program Management

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Companies decide to outsource IT Program Management, for many reasons.  There are several challenges in doing in in-house. Also, the in-house IT team seldom has the time to perform these activities, independently. Moreover they may not have the expertise, either. Companies have learnt it the hard way and that too after investing huge money that outsourcing IT program Management is the best solution. It also saves them lot of money and time.

Companies outsource this activity, due to an important reason. They are not able to handle IT Project Management challenges with their in-house IT team. Investments in IT Project related activities do not yield the necessary results, if project management activities are handled independently by the in-house IT team. It is not only about time and money. Sometimes, they are not able to handle the activities, due to issues beyond their control, for instance, downtime. Companies have two options regarding IT Project Management. Either outsource or handle it in-house. The initial costs may be high for outsourcing, but the returns are worth it. On the other hand, in the in-house option, the returns are not certain, though investments are quite low.

There is another important selection criterion in choosing an outsourcing partner, namely flexible approach. System integrators are not flexible in their approach, while a majority of outsourcing providers adopts a flexible approach. The availability of project managers on full and part time basis is a key aspect of flexibility. The Project managers should be available both on a full-time and part time basis, as demanded by the company. Besides, they should also be accredited in project management and as well as posses industry-standard qualifications. There are some certifications that are well recogonised in the industry. These certifications are PRINCE2™, PMP, PMBOK and MSP.

IT Program Management and IT Project Management are some of the areas of expertise for an IT supplier. Engaging them for these services is very important. Besides, some IT suppliers also offer attractive discounts for long-term engagements. Besides, they also help the in-house IT team to handle operations, independently and build best practices in the organisation.  

Another crucial aspect that can determine the success or failure of the project is its mode of engagement. The conventional outsourcing model has not been effective, especially in delivering effective services in IT Project and IT Programme Management. There is an alternative mode of engagement, namely the co-sourcing model. The significant feature of this model is that the IT supplier provides excess resources during peaks of demand and rolls them back, during the troughs of demand.  The biggest advantage of this model is that it helps to address the volatilities and cost-cutting pressures in the IT industry.

It is all the more important to work with an IT supplier. Many IT suppliers perform several layers of consulting. The advantage of this service is that it helps to design a bespoke solution and as well as meet their client’s needs. This is a far better option, and most importantly provides several choices. It is also necessary to asses if the IT supplier can help through bi and multi-lingual resources. Many times the key requirement of IT project Management and Program Management is to work with people in different countries through ‘remote control’. Bilingual and multi-lingual resources help to eliminate language barriers. Not knowing the local language is a key hurdle for many IT projects.

Similarly working with the IT supplier for IT Project Management helps to make use of their knowledge of different IT environments. The IT supplier has resources working in different parts of the globe and they are comfortable operating in different IT environments. By their vast experience of working for different clients and IT operating environments, these resources can help the in-house IT team in handling challenges that arise during a migration or refresh of technology. The in-house IT team will not only be able to handle operational issues on that particular platform or migration, but also handle similar challenges in the future.

In case you are considering outsourcing IT project Management or IT Program Management, it is very important to work with an IT supplier on the basis of co-sourcing model.  Working with them will help organisations adopt the best practices in project and program management.

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Maximising ROI from IT Program Management

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Maximising ROI from IT Program Management

This article was published on 2013/02/20